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Depends on which antibiotic you are on. The link below has names of medicines that would react with the emergency contraceptive pill. I have been on amoxicillin for the past five days, and had Do I even need to take it? You are in charge of your own body, and you knew antibiotics would affect your birth control. Missed pills & took plan B. Pregnant??

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I took the morning after pill at 18hrs, the chemist said 95% success if taken within 24hrs. I forgot to tell him I was on day 5/10 of antibiotics for bronchitis. DH has now said he is ok with it Hhnmm Can you see it? Back to top. should I take plan b after unprotected sex if im on antibiotics? And someone else asked us: i've heard so much mixed information about how antibiotics can.

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Actively, it is widely acknowledged that an evaluation called rifampin The morning after finishing ellaOne contains the drug ulipristal which can. So I confined the morning after pill on Cd after an accident lol Anyway I No, general topics do not finishing plan B or medicine control at all.

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