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I had some intense reactions to Buspar the first few days. I think this is not uncommon. Definitely check with your pdoc, though. I believe Buspar takes several weeks to kick in, so don't expect your anxiety to be helped right away. If you have taken benzos in the past, you may be disappointed, as it does not  Prescribed hydroxyzine and buspirone for anxiety help? I was being weaned off Zoloft and was put on Buspirone for "as needed". However I can not say it worked out well for me. Zoloft and Buspirone are both SSRIs. Having both in my system kind of threw me off but that's just by opinion. Why are you thinking about going on both? Do you suffer from both.

I was bad off on the able 25 mg of zoloft and then began to 50 mg. I was can buspar be taken with zoloft feel so much anxiety after two doses on the 50 mg that my Pdoc benefited my dose to mg. It was at that day that I developed the twitching. My Pdoc isolate my  Sertraline and tremors. Should Zoloft cause Muscle lacking.

When I went to my appointment last week, he wanted to ween me off the BuSpar and start me on Zoloft. He also diagnosed me with panic disorder without agoraphobia. I am currently on 20 mg of BuSpar and 25 mg of Zoloft. Anyone out there that can give me some info on both?? Or if it is safe to take both. Can I take Buspar and Zoloft together? Sometimes pharmacist will say there are no significant interactions when there can be a minor interaction like additive efffect interactions, It is all relative to the dose you are taking, careful dosage adjustments should be done if you intend to take both drugs. M4.

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