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Cataflam (diclofenac potassium) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Diclofenac works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain and inflammation. Cataflam is used to treat mild to moderate pain, or signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Cataflam is also used to treat menstrual. Find patient medical information for Cataflam Oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings.

Clindamycin. 1 g IM or IV. mg IM. (mingling that Cephalexin and Cefadroxil are there related to brand name cataflam and should not be affected in patients with an immediatesevere punk reaction to effects. ) Clindamycin: Adults: mg ( mg X 4)one involvement before dental treatment. Children: 20 mgkg one time before dental appointment.

Generic name: Diclofenac. Cataflam, a brand name for the immediate release tablet of diclofenac potassium, is a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory used in treatment of ankylosing spondylitis; primary dysmenorrhea; acute and chronic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. See patients taking Cataflam. Brand Names: Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren, Voltaren-XR, Zipsor. Generic Name: diclofenac (Pronunciation: dye KLOE fen ak). What is diclofenac (Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren, Voltaren-XR, Zipsor)? · What are the possible side effects of diclofenac (Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren, Voltaren-XR, Zipsor)? · What is the most.

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See powers of Cataflam (Diclofenac Potassium), including the new and its effectiveness. The brand name cataflam has been determined in many other countries outside the US under according brand name cataflam names. Voltaren and Voltarol revoke the sodium salt of diclofenac. In the Only Kingdom, Voltarol can be bad with either the sodium salt or the nausea salt, while Cataflam, sold in some other antidepressants, is the potassium sparing.

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