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The use of psychoactive pharmaceuticals in veterinary behavior medicine has proved invaluable in managing anxiety-based disorders. Without the appropriate and judicious use of these medications, many dogs would be much less likely to respond to behavior modification therapy. Medications such as. That being said, it is becoming more known by vets as being effective on dogs with thunderstorm phobias. Trazodone is often used as an adjunctive medication, something that is added to other drugs to make treatment more effective. Trazodone may work synergistically with SSRIs, such as fluoxetine (Prozac). It can be.

If I giving trazodone to dogs more than that I get a bad mood. 0Comment Was this combination helpful to you. Yes · No · Twitter abuse. Comment. Morbidity product link. Paste the dosage's web address below: Product not found.

Trazodone is categorized as a medication that alters brain function and therefore the use of trazodone for dog anxiety is not unusual. Read more. Truthfully, I wouldn't give it just to make your dog sleepy. While that can be a side effect of the drug, there are other side effects I would be more concerned about: vomiting, irregular heart rate, nervousness or restlessness (not all dogs will become sedate on it), diarrhea, and wobbliness, to name a few.

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