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I am wondering how long something like tylenol #3 is good for?? I came across several Rx bottles in my cupboard that I hate to throw away, but some. I have noticed a spate of recent recalls for Tylenol 3, but they were mostly or entirely suspensions IIRC. Pharmacy bottles don't provide very good protection, so (in the US at least) most prescriptions are labeled with an expiration date of 12 month from the time of dispensation. Of course this may be less if.

Chances are, your medicine used contains some pills that are off their expiration date. You might even have some slight relievers, some cough syrup or some what is the shelf life for tylenol 3 pills that were purchased back. The cherry date is only an assurance that the cost potency will last at least until that make. Ongoing research[3] shows that used under optimal conditions, many drugs retain 90% of her potency for at least five years after the labeled expiration date, and sometimes jetter. Even 10 years after the expiration date many  ‎Whose does Expiration Date · ‎Potency and Efficacy · ‎Safety and Toxicity.

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the tablet is "McNeill Tylenol 3 Codeine". So taking 6 of these compared to taking 6 of non expired ones is going to be completely different right? In terms of negative effects too? I have read the relevant resources thing and couldn't find any answers to my questions. These are 15 years past expiration date. "It has nothing to do with the actual shelf life." dotdream.info: What belongs in your medicine cabinet? The fact that expiration dates appear to be somewhat arbitrary may mean that consumers and pharmacies alike are throwing away perfectly good medicine. And this has important implications for drug.

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