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Nitrofurantoin can darken the colour of your urine. This is A urine infection is often called a urinary tract infection (or simply, UTI) by doctors.‎Before taking nitrofurantoin · ‎How to take nitrofurantoin · ‎Can nitrofurantoin cause. Nitrofurantoin can turn your urine a dark yellow or brown colour. This is normal and nothing to worry about - it's due to the colour of the.

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Reviews and ratings for nitrofurantoin when used in the treatment of bladder infection. Now I'm off them the only remaining side effect is the urine colour. . to change my medication and have had to miss work, but I will definitely be asking. Based on my symptoms and and a "abnormal" urine test, they concluded change the color of your urine, but didn't say what color I can expect.

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