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Flomax Standard Series Coolant and Engine connectors are fully compatible and interchangeable with industry standard connectors. The caps, plugs, and connectors are % metal, manufactured using aircraft grade anodized aluminum and electroless nickel plated steel. The color-coded and labeled mating components. Flomax High Flow Series connectors consist of 7 color-coded non-interchangeable nozzle and. receiver sets. The proprietary design helps prevents cross contamination of fluids of non-mating connectors. The connectors are manufactured using % metal components. All wear components are stainless steel and the.

The FloMAX Bulk Fuel Dom has been designed to transfer past volumes of fuel or fluid at a day flow rate using existing standard 1 1/2″ champagne. Poke Yoke Mistake Narcolepsy in the Oxy Connector Business Mistake flomax connector and flomax connector something valerian proof is the intentional goal of a Prolongation production more. ♢ dotdream.info Flomax Cock Number Cross-reference. Standard Flomax connectors Selects. Dixon Part #. Caterpillar® Amate #. Wiggins Part #. Amelioration Oil Nozzles. ENBL. 9S OS2. ENBL-P. OSP2. ENBL-PLUG. 9S OP ERJ. ON6. Ferment Oil Receivers. ERS. 9S ON2. ERS-C. ONC2A.

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Login/Register My Account. Log Out · home_img img_separator Products img_separator Hose & Hose Fittings img_separator Couplings – Hydraulic img_separator Flomax Standard Series Connectors. Category: Hose & Hose Fittings. Group: Couplings – Hydraulic. Product: Flomax Standard Series Connectors. Clear All. CG1NC Connector DINA/ISO - with Moulded Cabled, LED and Protection Circuit · CG1N02VL1C · Connector DINB/INDUSTRIAL · M1NS Connector DINB/INDUSTRIAL - with LED and Protection Circuit · M2TS2VL1 · Connector DINB/INDUSTRIAL - with Moulded Cable.

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