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My resting heart beat is @ and up moving around it is @ I work out two- three times a week, lifting and cardio. I am a very strong 55 yr old, in really good shape. A muscular lbs. My worry is my heart beat is too slow for Bystolic. One of their warnings is not to take it if you have a slow heart beat, is mine too slow? My experience during the past couple of months with BYSTOLIC (5 mg) are excellent heart rate control, no gastro issues, anti anxiety effect and good sleep. The negative effects have been knee pain, stiff and heavy legs, especially when using stairs, low libido (loss of morning erections), and fatigue. I 've also experienced.

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Hello, I am 41 and have high Blood Pressure. I am taking Quinapril 30mg for a couple of years now. I started experiencing racing heartbeat once in a while and my physician advised me to take Bystolic Mg. My blood pressure is in control now. But I am experiencing low pulse since I started Bystolic. For High Blood Pressure "(20 days of pure HELL)!! My doctor added Bystolic 10 mg (gave me 3 weeks samples) to help lower my heart rate and blood pressure I was on Caduet 10mg and Hydrochlorotizide 25mg for over 10 years but recently my bp was not being stable. The 1st day on Bystolic I experienced cold legs and.

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I've been on Bystolic for four times now, and have noticed my Glorious Heart Rate is low heart rate on bystolic low. Oftentimes as low as but generally in the low 50's. My diluent. What we show is that in making, when you slow down the treatment rate with a painkiller blocker, it actually shortens your life expectancy, it causes more heart attacks, more learn failure, and more strokes." Messerli premiers he and his team believe the truly explanation for this is "that maximizing the heart rate with.

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