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A renal scan is also known as a renal scintigraphy, renal imaging, or a renogram. During this procedure, a Preparation. How Do I Prepare for a Renal Scan? Typically, you don't need to make any special preparations before a renal scan. You can usually eat your normal diet. Sedation isn't usually  ‎Purpose · ‎Preparation · ‎Procedure. How do I prepare for a renal scan? It is important, prior to having the scan, that you have plenty of fluid After about 15 minutes of scanning, you may be given a second injection through the same cannula of a diuretic called frusemide (Lasix). This causes the kidneys to make more urine by decreasing the.

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Renogram (Lasix). Indication. This procedure is indicated in patients with dilated collecting systems (Hydronephrosis and Hydroureter) to distinguish which Patient Preparation. Patient should be normally hydrated. Administration of intravenous diuretics is contraindicated in dehydrated patients. Patient should void. There are many types of diagnostic tests that can show information about the kidneys and their function. The type of investigation you may have is determined by what information your doctor is seeking. A kidney renogram is a test which gives information about how the kidneys function and how they drain. This scan may.

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