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I was having aniexty so bad, it would hit me every morning. I started taking 20 mg about a week after starting off on 10 mg. I am so glad my doctor prescribed me lexapro. It has changed my life, I don't have a panic or aniexty attack near as often. Prayer is always helpful to get you threw one when it hits you. I've was on Lexapro 5mg for 4 weeks, 10mg for 4 weeks and now have been on 15mg for 4+ weeks. Things have gotten a little better, Any success stories or experiences to share? Added 29 Dec Can increasing Lexapro dosage from 10 to 20mg cause increased anxiety? Posted 17 Mar • 1.

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Hey everyone, pretty simple question. For those of you who have adjusted your dosage, did you notice much improvement with 20mg compared to 10mg?I've been o. Yesterday my Dr increased me from 10mg to 20mg. I had been on 10mg for a month but was still feeling agitated so he increased me to 20mg. try 15mg for about 4wks. escitalopram do come in 5mg tabs as well, but if you only have the 10mg tablets, buy a pill splitter from any local vets or maybe chemist  Split pill in 2 and taking twice a day | Citalopram.

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