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I am on my second round of clomid, and I am CD5 today. Last month I noticed I was "dry" around the time I should have o'd (according to HCG trigger). So my first question is, when in the cycle should I take Mucinex, how much, and for how long? Has anyone had success with taking Mucinex on clomid? Hi ladies! Starting my first round of Clomid today! mg days Anyone else with me? Would love some cycle buddies. My question is this: I was planning on using PreSeed to combat possible dryness in CM (cervical mucus) & was wondering the benefits or drawbacks to using Mucinex vs.

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In case i dont get a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) this month i thought next cycle i'll try Mucinex to help with CM. I get a little bit of EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) but i think i need a lot more. Does it help thin your CM (cervical mucus) inside your uterus & tubes? I am beginning a cycle of clomid once AF arrives. I have pre-seed that I never used yet (due to not ovulating) and I have mucinex as well. But I am confused as to what you do with the preseed because there is A LOT in there, do you insert it up there and squeeze it all in??? And how often are you supposed.

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