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Misoprostol (Cytotec) has been extensively investigated in the past few years for use in cervical ripening and labor induction. Marketed as a gastric cytoprotective agent, the drug is also an effective, safe and inexpensive agent for cervical ripening and labor induction, although it is not FDA-labeled for that. Labor induction As the end of pregnancy nears,the cervix normally becomes soft (ripe) and begins to open (dilate) and thin (efface),preparing for labor and delivery. When labor does not naturally start on its own and vaginal delivery needs to happen soon,labor may be started artificially (induced). Even though inducing.

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They gave me cytotec to put me into labor so I could deliver naturally rather than having a D&C. Ill never forget Studies do not appear to indicate this drug is more dangerous than other inducing drugs, but to be fair it's use is somewhat controversial. It's perfectly safe and has been used for over 30 dotdream.infoion with CYTOTEC?? Experience anyone?? - August It is the informal communication of uncontrolled clinical experience that has driven the spread of misoprostol induction, as is apparent from the following actual statements taken from the Internet in (2). “Cytotec is extremely effective at very low doses, is very cheap, and has been used on many, many.

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